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Here at Office Minder, we have all of the processes in place to make sure that our clients' books are up to date and that we are helping them to save money where they can. However, we know that many small businesses need help with maintaining their accounts and keeping up to date with thresholds. 
It was announced in the spring statement that the Employment Allowance has increased from £4000 to £5000 from April 2022. The Employment Allowance provides relief on employer National Insurance contributions and the recent increase was welcomed by many small businesses and charities who are eligible to claim. 
As a nation, we like to hear about successful entrepreneurs and many of us were brought up knowing about Richard Branson and Alan Sugar's ventures. For many, the dream of giving up the 9-5 and being your own boss is something that becomes a reality either through circumstance, such as redundancy, or through sheer determination. The latest business population statistics give a great insight into how working has evolved and changed. There are currently 3.2 million sole traders in the UK, which make up 56% of the private business sector. We work with many Essex and Suffolk sole proprietors and wanted to share the benefits that employing an accountant, like Office Minder will bring to your enterprise. 
In 2013, child benefit went from being a universal credit, which means that everyone who lives in the UK could register for the payments, to being a means tested benefit. However, the rules and the implementation of them have meant that HMRC have come under fire and have even been taken to court. Here at Office Minder, we want to explore the impact of the ruling and try help you to understand your position in relation to claiming child benefit. 
With 5th April and the end of the UK financial year fast approaching, it is always good to turn your attention to your own tax affairs to ensure that they are in good health. As experts in Accountancy and Bookkeeping services for small and medium sized businesses, we are committed to making sure that everything is in order for our clients in and around Essex. It is great for everyone to understand the implications of a new tax year and to be prepared on a personal level, so we wanted to give our take on things that everyone can do whether you have an Accountant or not.  
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